A series of six short horror films for YouTube and anchored by a woman who orders a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, and then discovers that each item is linked to a macabre real world headline. Starring Nicholas Hope, Barbara Bingham, Lauren Orrell, Naomi Sequeira, Eliza Nicholls, Jenny Wu, Ryan Morgan, Adam Sollis, Gemma Bird Matheson, Anni Finsterer, Akosia Sabet and Roxane Wilson.

Deadhouse Dark is presented by an experienced team led by Enzo Tedeschi. He will be joined by Joshua Long (Post Mortem Mary), Kristy Best (How To Know If You’re Dating A Narcissist), Denai Gracie (Battle Ground), Rosie Lourde (Skin Deep) and Rachele Wiggins (Slice of Life) who will each write and direct an episode. This project is supported by Screen Australia and Screen Queensland.

Image by Dan Berghofer.